Monday, November 5, 2012

Match Me COUPON!!!!

Digital Scrapbooking Day (Weekend) may be over, but I am still celebrating :)  Are you?
Don't forget MY SHOPS are still 50% off through Friday (November 9th):

Plus, I have a new offer for you!!!!

Offer Details...please read completely to ensure you get your coupon!
*Place your order at any of the shops mentioned above*
*Forward your order to (with Match Me in the subject line)
*You MUST email your order to me - COUPONS will NOT be sent automatically!*
*If you fail to send your order, offer will not be honored (no exceptions)*
*You will receive your coupon within 12-24 hours*
*Offer Valid on Orders Placed November 6th - November 8th at midnight EST (no exceptions)*
*Past/Previous orders are not eligible (no exceptions)*
*Match Me Offer NOT valid with Buy My Store Offers*