Monday, October 18, 2010

NEW Newsletter....

I am finally working on a NEW All-In-One Newsletter!!!
I am hoping to put a little of everything in it...a combination of things from my Blog and ALL of my shops, and even some stuff from my CTs. Please be patient as this is still a work in progress. But your support is most appreciated!
You can subscribe to the newsletter HERE - you won't receive more than 2 newsletters a month most likely.
You can continue to receive blog updates too, which are more regular, by subscribing to my Feedblitz Feed (from left-side bar).
And of course, there is still Facebook and Twitter. I wanted to offer several means of communication, as I know everyone likes different social networks. You can subscribe to ONE or ALL of them...the more subscriptions you have though, the more chance you will have at getting coupons and give-aways from me, as I often scatter them around!!!! So you choose:)